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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY: Powder Laundry Detergent

Check out how you can save 91% just by making your own laundry detergent...

I've come across many recipes for powdered laundry detergent so there's plenty of wiggle room to experiment and decide what combination works best for your needs.  I am NOT chemist and have no knowledge based on the chemical compounds of these products.  I chose this recipe because there is no measuring and each batch should last between 6 months to a year for my family of 6.  Other recipes only call for one bar of Ivory, but I'm putting three. You can use any bar soap of your choice. Maybe next time I'll make it with only one bar and see how I like it.  I bought the Borax and A&H Washing Soda in the laundry isle of my grocery store, Publix.  There is NO expiration date on the detergent. =)

To make enough to last my family all year I would have to double the recipe below.


3 bars Ivory soap, 13.5 oz
1 Box Borax, 76 oz
1 Box Arm & Hammer Washing Soda , 55 oz
(NOT Baking soda)

Grate the bars of soap or cut it into chunk and use a food processor to grate them.
Mix ingredients well in a large container.
Keep covered with lid and out of reach of children & pets.

Use 1 Tablespoon per load, 2 Tbs for heavily soiled loads.
For whites you can add some OxiClean to the wash to help with stains and brightening.

Price Breakdown

I have a family of 6 and wash about 8 loads of laundry each week.
8 loads x 52 weeks = 416 loads/year

Tide Ultra Powder HE Formula
56 oz, 40 loads, $9.45 x 11 boxes =
616 oz, 440 loads, $103.95

$9.45/40 loads = $.24/load
56 oz/40 loads = 1.4 oz/load


2 pk Ivory (3 bars, 13.5 oz) $4.74
Two76 oz Box Borax $8.78
Two 55 ozBox Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda $6.38

289 oz, 578 loads, $19.90

$19.90/578 loads = $.03/load
289 oz/578 loads = 0.5 oz/load

Quick Comparison

              Tide 616 oz, 440 loads, $103.95/year, $.24/load
Homemade 289 oz, 578 loads, $19.90/year, $.03/load

Savings; $84.05/year

That's a 81% savings!!  AWESOME! =)

You can increase that savings by using coupons on the Ivory. I usually get them for free when they go on sale at CVS for 10/$10. If I have a $1/1 manufacturer coupon, it's free.

Here's what my savings actually were since I got my Ivory soaps free with coupons...

2 pks Ivory $0
2 boxes Borax $8.78
2 boxes Washing Soda $6.38
= $15.16

$15.16/578 loads = 2.6¢/ load

$88.79 savings/year

Another GREAT thing about this is that it's safe for HE washers because it doesn't have a lot of suds like commercial detergents and it cleans just as well as they do.  However, because it is a soap and not a detergent I recommend running an empty load of hot water and 1 cup White Vinegar once a month to cut any soap residue from the inside of your washer.

Another tip: White vinegar is great as a natural fabric softener. It cuts soap residue, naturally whitens and brightens clothes without bleaching them, absorbs odors, and softens cloths and "fluffs" towels perfectly. =D  Just add 1/2 Cup of White Vinegar to the wash during the rinse cycle. =)

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Face Solution

My husband get razor bumps and ingrown hairs every time he shaves. Because of this we have spent quite a bit on Tend Skin. It comes in a blue bottle and helps with ingrown hairs and razor bumps. It works very well, but keeps getting more and more expensive. I checked the price on  a few days ago and a 2.5 oz bottle costs $17!! That's before shipping and tax! That teeny bottle only last him about a week. The yearly cost  would be $884 not including tax or shipping! Crazy huh?  

While I was searching for the price I came across a homemade recipe comparable to Tend Skin. I already had the ingredients on hand so I tried it out.  It works just as good for my husband and I use it as well for breakouts. We both use it twice a day and will NEVER buy another bottle of Tend Skin again!

This video is my 2nd batch, take a glance...


Solution 1
18 Aspirin tablets, crushed
5 oz Rubbing Alcohol

Solution 2
8 Aspirin tablets, crushed
2.5 oz Witch Hazel

Mix the two solutions.
Shake before each use.

Price Breakdown

Tend Skin 2.5oz $17 ($884/year)
Homemade 48oz $10.06/year

One 180 ct CVS Aspirin $.99
Two 16 oz CVS Rubbing Alcohol $2.19 each = $4.39
One 16 oz CVS Witch Hazel $4.69

TOTAL: $10.06

This is enough to make 6 batches, 7.5 oz each, total 45 oz.
Each batch will last one person using it twice a day for 2 months.

So $10.06 for an entire years worth of your homemade product.

That's an $874 savings per year, 99%!!

PLUS, you can always get aspirin on sale with coupons to save even more! 


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Monday, February 20, 2012

Fresh Off The Hook Monday, Feb. 20, 2012

Here is my FOTHM (Fresh Off The Hook Monday) video showcasing my newest creations!! =) 
 I hope you like!

Patterns Used:
Four Leaf Clover:
Loops & Threads Puff Stitch Hat and Scarf Set:ops-Threads%E2%84%A2-Crochet-Hat-and-Scarf-Set/e080..." rel="nofollow" style="border-image: initial; border-width: 0px; color: #1c62b9; cursor: pointer; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 15px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; text-align: left; text-decoration: none;" target="_blank" title=",default,pd.html">

I am the maker, model, photographer, videographer, editor, and the sales rep. =)

I hope you enjoyed the video and pictures.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Digital Scrap Booking

I won an award!! =)  

The Butterfly Effect has chosen me to be one of her Liebster Award winners. =)  Thank you for choosing my blog. I'm glad that you enjoy it. =)

Since I have accepted this award I have to follow these simple rules:

1. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Pick 5 people deserving of the award and notify them on their blogs.
3. Post the award on your blog and spread the love.

I have already done the 1st and 3rd, so on to the 2nd. =)

Now on a different note...

Unfortunately, I haven't been crafty this week. =(  I have been mommy, wife, family driver, cook, maid, tutor...

I need a break!  

My husband and I will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary on March 7th. Hopefully, we'll be able to get their grand parents to watch them for a few days so we can get away. Every year we go to the Keys. =) We love it there! Love the water, the sights, the peace and quiet, and we love having the option of going out or relaxing. =)

I am going to try to crochet something today though so I'll have something to show in my Fresh Off The Hook video this Monday. =)  

I do want to share some of my digital scrap booking that I've done in past years. =)

This is my first born, Malachi.  I took this picture while he was sleeping. He was laughing and smiling in his sleep. =) 

These are a few pictures of Malachi throughout his 1st year.

The main picture here was at his 1st birthday party.

This scroll was to document his 1st haircut. =) He was 2 years old and he was NOT happy to be getting his hair cut. It turned out okay though and he liked it afterward. =)  

About 7 months after this I met my husband and his son, Kwamin.  And 5 months after that we said, "I do." Actually I said, "yes," at the alter. I could barely even say it because I was crying so much. Lol. They were happy tears though. =)  Now, a little over 3 years later, I've come from a family of two (Malachi and I) and being a single mother to a family of SIX!! 
God is good!

He gave me this promise the night before I met my husband...

Psalm 16:11
You have made [fn] known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

The little [fn] after the word "made" means that there is a foot note being referenced. The foot note says, "or will make known."

I had never read this verse before and it jumped out at me so clearly. HE was talking to me! He, God, my Creator and Savior was telling me that He was going to make known to me the path of life He had planned for me from before the foundations of this world were even laid. =)

The next night I met my husband and now I know I am right where I am supposed to be. He has made known to me the path of life! =)

I read this verse every morning as I'm brushing my teeth. I found a framed mirror with this verse on it and had to buy it!

So that's a small bit of my testimony. =)  Now, back to my digital scrap booking. =)

This picture just moves me to tears. Seeing His bloody back reminds me that it was MY sin that put Him on that cross and He did it WILLINGLY! I put the key in one corner and "life" in the other because Jesus is the Key to Life!  The verse tells us what His mission on this Earth is; to give us abundant life here on Earth and eternal life with Him in Heaven. He freely gives it to everyone, but each of us have to choose to accept it. =)

So, I hope you have enjoyed my picture creations. I would like to get back into this because I now have 4 kids and a hubby and would like to spice up some of our pictures. =)

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Fresh Off The Hook Monday, Feb. 13, 2012

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Funky Creations

Last week I made these hats for my two oldest boys. I added a crochet beard to each of them.

I used the same yarn to finish this tam that I started a couples weeks ago.

I used this book to create this yellow shirt. It came out a little small. I may use a different color yarn to make it again a little bigger.

This is a custom made crochet beard I made for a friend's son.  I previously made him a little beanie so I made this with buttons to match the beanie. =)

I felt like making something with my thread so I made a few flowers. =) I don't know what I'm going to attach them to yet, but I think they will be cute on a hat.

My friend came over to my house for a little while and while we were hanging out I taught her the crochet basics.  I think she did really good for her first time. Her foundation chain wasn't too tight, her tension looks even. I think she's a natural. =)

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Fresh Off The Hook Birthday Edition

I turned 27 today! I feel so old. Lol

On a brighter note, I did crochet a cute bag so now I feel better.

Besides creating something so cute my 2 baby's are even cuter! =)
They've been singing, "Birthday to mommy" all day. =)

Here are a few pictures of my little bag. =)

I love the colors.

It's the perfect size for the bare necessities.

I used it to go out to dinner with my family on my birthday. =)
I love it! The handles are just long enough to wear on my shoulder.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fresh Off The Hook Monday, Feb. 6, 2012

Check out my newest Fresh Off The Hook Monday video. I'm sorry it's late. =( Better late than never? =)

So, I've made a few sales and I have a couple orders. If any of you are interested in purchasing or ordering any of my handmade items please visit my Facebook page, VBrownAdornments.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Berry Stitch Hats

I recently learned the Berry Stitch and made a long round scarf. It was too long so I unraveled it and used the yarn to make this brown beanie with the same stitch.  I absolutely LOVE this stitch! I think it's perfect for  beanies because it allows the finished piece to stretch. The beanie fits me, my husband, even our 2 year old son very nicely. I like it for the one-size-fits-most effect. 

I personally like to wear the Slouchy Berets or Tams so I made this Purple Tam to go with a shirt that I have.  I really like how it fits and, again, the stitch allows the hat to stretch and breath.  This picture isn't showing the true color; the hat is actually a dark purple. 

I liked the hat so much that I had to make it in a teal color.  I may just make them in all colors. Lol.

I also really like this stitch because it makes the stiffer acrylic yarn feel much softer and less stiff.  It's great you just have to try it!

Berry Stitch

Insert hook into next (or specified) stitch, pull up a loop. Now you should have 2 loops on the hook.
YO, pull through 1 loop, Repeat 3 times
YO, pull through both loops on hook.

On my berry stitch I only repeated the 2nd line 2 times instead of 3. I'm sure you can moderate it as you like to get your desired look & texture. =)  

Have fun being creative.

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