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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Face Solution

My husband get razor bumps and ingrown hairs every time he shaves. Because of this we have spent quite a bit on Tend Skin. It comes in a blue bottle and helps with ingrown hairs and razor bumps. It works very well, but keeps getting more and more expensive. I checked the price on  a few days ago and a 2.5 oz bottle costs $17!! That's before shipping and tax! That teeny bottle only last him about a week. The yearly cost  would be $884 not including tax or shipping! Crazy huh?  

While I was searching for the price I came across a homemade recipe comparable to Tend Skin. I already had the ingredients on hand so I tried it out.  It works just as good for my husband and I use it as well for breakouts. We both use it twice a day and will NEVER buy another bottle of Tend Skin again!

This video is my 2nd batch, take a glance...


Solution 1
18 Aspirin tablets, crushed
5 oz Rubbing Alcohol

Solution 2
8 Aspirin tablets, crushed
2.5 oz Witch Hazel

Mix the two solutions.
Shake before each use.

Price Breakdown

Tend Skin 2.5oz $17 ($884/year)
Homemade 48oz $10.06/year

One 180 ct CVS Aspirin $.99
Two 16 oz CVS Rubbing Alcohol $2.19 each = $4.39
One 16 oz CVS Witch Hazel $4.69

TOTAL: $10.06

This is enough to make 6 batches, 7.5 oz each, total 45 oz.
Each batch will last one person using it twice a day for 2 months.

So $10.06 for an entire years worth of your homemade product.

That's an $874 savings per year, 99%!!

PLUS, you can always get aspirin on sale with coupons to save even more! 


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